At ServTech, we cover all warehouse-related operations including inventory storage, management and distribution. Our main distribution center is in Riyadh, and we handle operations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have developed modern facilities to deliver cost-effective logistics solutions throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our services include inventory management, storage and further distribution. On a higher level, this leads to a drastic business optimization in terms of expenses, time, human resources and speed of delivery.

Our distribution center is an all-in-one hub which serves multiple industries in a variety of spheres. At 1,000 m2 we have aligned complex operations handled by warehouse and logistics professionals. The building adheres to the highest security standards, and the temperature is controlled to maintain the optimal environment for the inventory stored.

Our storage capacity fits more than 250 pallet positions and 3,000 archiving boxes to satisfy our customers’ storage needs. The personnel is trained to handle the inventory with care, and the equipment being in use has all the necessary certifications. This is a safe space both for the staff and the inventory you have chosen to store there.

Location and facility-wise, ServTech’s distribution center is a perfect solution for those who seek optimized warehousing services at a fair price.