ServTech’s experts provide high-tech IT/AV solutions for the government, gas & oil and corporate sectors which aim at facilitating meetings, organizing educational trainings, enhancing security standards and many more.

To stay on top in the fast-paced market you need to ensure that the communication flow you’ve adopted in your organization is modern and innovative. ServTech is here to set up your conference, command and control rooms, training centers, and equip them with the audio-visual systems of exceptional quality. We analyze your needs and come up with custom-made solutions which are always efficient, appropriate and — most importantly — secure.

We are handling the design and installation process smoothly so you never have to invest your time into the technical specifications of any item. The project management part is tacked by experienced IT professionals so you can focus on something else. Depending on your preferences, we are always happy to look for alternative solutions to give you the best choice of options. You are always in control.

Even once everything is set up, you’re never left alone. ServTech’s experts prepare a detailed end user training so you feel comfortable using the equipment. Post-sale services include timely maintenance and repair while allowing your business to run uninterruptedly.