ServTech is happy to announce that we are currently performing aggregation services (on site) for pharmaceutical products.

Over the last few years Sevtech has been gaining experience in the logistics industry to provide best services in the market. We’ve also been meaning to expand the services we offer in order to cover the demand. One of the steps we’re most proud of is expanding our presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are excited to welcome the opportunity of working with some of the renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers and help them take care of their aggregation tasks. We would like to thank the newly joined partners for their trust in our expertise while we are helping them to comply with DTTS regulations introduced by SFDA. We believe that our collaboration will benefit both parties and will last as long as it could possibly do.

As ServTech takes on the aggregation services, we commit to maintain and enhance the service quality to adhere to the highest standards for the pharmaceutical products. We are also aiming to deliver the top-class performance rates with an average of 5,000+ units scanned per single labor (2.0 m²) per 8 hours shift. Our experience in personnel management allows us to guarantee a safe environment for our employees and to produce high quality work on a daily basis.